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  【 About TAECT 2015 】  
The Taiwan Association for Educational Communications and Technology (TAECT) has chronicled the changes due to technology, and the association continues to play a role discussing the socio-cultural aspects of technology in schools and society. Technology has transformed the fields of communication and education. The development of technology has affected people in all walks of life, including individuals, families, schools, workplaces, libraries, and museums. The widespread impact of technology, and the deep entanglement in the lives of people, has influenced areas such as information and communication, but it has also impacted less observable areas such as psychological, educational, and social conditions. In terms of thinking about the future of technology, it is necessary to address not only the progress in machine systems, but also the interaction between machines, people, and culture.
The TAECT 2015 conference theme is “Educational and Communication Technology Transforms the Future.” The conference welcomes scholars and researchers with an interest in technology, communication, and education. Participants will learn about recent thinking regarding the directions and strategies for the use of educational and communication technology, and they will participate in discussions of research findings and practical lessons of technological applications in schools.
Organized by researchers at universities and teachers from K-12 schools, TAECT is the oldest professional organization in the area of educational technology and communication in Taiwan. With TAECT annual conferences and academic publications, the Journal of Research of Educational Communication and Technology, the association has been instrumental in facilitating a broad understanding of theory and practice of technology. This year, TAECT welcomes scholars and researchers to come to National Taiwan University for its annual conference and experience a fulfilling academic exchange regarding the future of ECT.